Osborne House Tourist attraction in East Cowes, United Kingdom

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Map gps coordinates: 50.750556, -1.269722
Address: Osbourne House, East Cowes PO32, UK

Osborne House is a royal residence in the UK. The palace is standing with pride in the middle of a massive open area. There is a courtyard in the middle of the main house.


After creating the telephone prototype, Alexander got the chance to demonstrate it personally to Sir William Thomson who was a famous Scottish scientist. Queen Victoria also requested a private audience at Osborne House, her Isle of Wight home for Alexander’s presentation on that prototype. She stated the demonstration as the most extraordinary demonstration she had ever witnessed. The excitement encompassing Bell's open showcases laid the basis for universal acknowledgment of the revolutionary device.

Source: Wikipedia

Queen Victoria and her family purchased and renovated a private estate on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House in 1845. They left the Osborne House at the height of a revolutionary scare in the United Kingdom in April 1848 for the greater protection of the house. 

Source: Wikipedia