Clarke School for the Deaf Tourist attraction in Northampton, United States

Reference:Grady C / Public domain
Map gps coordinates: 42.338333, -72.630556
Address: 139-141 Damon Rd, Northampton, MA 01060, USA

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech is a brick-built two-storied building with "Gardiner Greene Hubbard Hall" written on the top. There is some open space in front of the main entrance of the school.


Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, previously known as Clarke School for the Deaf, is situated in Northampton, Massachusetts. The school is a private school that spends significant time in teaching deaf children. They do that by utilizing listening and spoken language (oralism). Listening devices and cochlear implants are used to help the teaching process. Bell has been the chair of the board at different times and contributed to the Clarke’s Board of Trustees.

Source: Wikipedia