Baffin Bay Tourist attraction in Canada

Reference:Ansgar Walk / CC BY-SA 2.5
Reference:Tech. Sgt. Dan Rea, U.S. Air Force / Public domain
Map gps coordinates: 72.483333, -75.133333
Address: Baffin Bay

In 1903, Roald Amundsen led the first expedition to successfully traverse Canada's Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He planned a small expedition of six men in a 45-ton fishing vessel, Gjøa, in order to have flexibility. His ship had relatively shallow draft. His technique was to use a small ship and hug the coast. Amundsen had the ship outfitted with a small 13 horsepower single-screw paraffin engine. During his journey Roald Amundsen traveled via Baffin Bay.

Source: Wikipedia