Sankassa Tourist attraction in Sankisa Basantpur, India

Reference:Mohammad Aqib Khan / CC BY-SA 4.0
Reference:Photo Dharma  / CC BY 2.0
Map gps coordinates: 27.333889, 79.271111
Address: Bhongaon - Sankisa Road, Sankisa Basantpur, Uttar Pradesh 209652, Inde

Sankassa (also Sankasia, Sankissa and Sankasya) was an ancient city in India. The city came into prominence at the time of Gautama Buddha. According to a Buddhist source, it was thirty leagues from Savatthi. After the Gautama Buddha's Mahaparinirvana (passing away) king Ashoka developed this place and installed one of his famous Pillars of Ashoka in the city, from which the elephant capital survives. He also built a stupa and a temple commemorating the visit of the Buddha. This temple exist even today and the ruins of the stupa are also present as a temple of Vishari Devi.