Woking Crematorium Tourist attraction in Woking, United Kingdom

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Reference:Bilbo / CC BY-SA 2.0
Map gps coordinates: 51.311667, -0.602778
Address: 70 Hermitage Rd, Woking GU21 8TQ, UK

Woking Crematorium is a crematorium where many famous individuals were cremated. The crematorium is just beside the Hermitage road with a reactor at the back of the crematorium.

People found a half-eaten apple beside Alan Turing’s dead body. Though investigation revealed that he had committed suicide, but they didn’t test the apple for cyanide. People speculated that he was died because of consuming a fatal dose of cyanide. However, on 12 June 1954, his body was buried at Woking Crematorium.

Source: Wikipedia

Fredrich Engels, another famous personality was also cremated at Woking Crematorium on 5 August 1895. He was 74 when he died of throat cancer in London.

Source: Wikipedia