University of Tübingen Tourist attraction in Tübingen, Germany

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Map gps coordinates: 48.525, 9.058889
Address: Gmelinstraße 5A, 72076 Tübingen, Germany

The University of Tübingen is an attractive place to visit. This university has a three-storied building with a perfectly placed wall clock at the top. The fountain makes the place look more attractive.


A Sinologist of Tübingen University and a historian Hans Ulrich Vogel published a comprehensive breakthrough of Marco Polo's presence in China. They analyzed the Polo’s report of revenues, currencies and salt production in 2012 and concluded that Marco Polo was in China as he could not make this report without being there.

Source: Wikipedia

While doing his Ph.D. in 1899, Schweitzer published his dissertation paper at Tübingen University.

Source: Wikipedia