Princeton Hospital Tourist attraction in United States

Map gps coordinates: 40.339167, -74.623611
Address: 3 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536, USA

Princeton Hospital is located in Plainsboro Township, USA. This hospital has a glass-finishing exterior and a bench outside for sitting.

Just before the day Einstein died, the doctors of Princeton Hospital wanted to do surgery of him. But Einstein refused and said that he wanted to go when he wanted and added, it’s tasteless to prolong life artificially. He further said that he had done his share and that was the time to go and added, he would do that elegantly. However, he passed away the next day. He was 76 then. He continued to work almost the very end of his life.

Thomas Stoltz Harvey, the pathologist of Princeton Hospital brought out the cerebrum of Einstein and preserved it despite not having the permission of his family during the post mortem of Einstein’s body. He thought that future neuroscience might be able to find out the reason behind Einstein’s Incredible intelligence. The remains of Einstein were cremated and the ashes were dispersed in a place that was not disclosed.

Source: Wikipedia