Kremlin Tourist attraction in Moskva, Russia

Reference:Uwe Brodrecht / CC BY-SA 2.0
Map gps coordinates: 55.751667, 37.617778
Address: Tsar'-pushka, Moskva, Russia, 119072

Significant meeting was held on 9 October 1944 in the Kremlin between Churchill and Stalin. During the meeting, Poland and the Balkan problems were discussed.

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The Soviet government moved from Petrograd to Moscow on 12 March 1918. Vladimir Lenin selected the Kremlin Senate as his residence. 

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The Moscow Kremlin usually referred to as the Kremlin, is a fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River to the south, Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red Square to the east, and the Alexander Garden to the west. It is the best known of the kremlins (Russian citadels) and includes five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. Also within this complex is the Grand Kremlin Palace that was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. The complex now serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and as a museum with 2,746,405 visitors in 2017.

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In 2003 in a meeting at the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin, ahead of a concert in Red Square, Paul McCartney urged Russia to join the anti-landmine campaign.

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