Mineral King Tourist attraction in Three Rivers, United States

Reference:Dcrjsr / CC BY 3.0
Reference:Jane S. Richardson / CC BY 3.0
Map gps coordinates: 36.453056, -118.598889
Address: 51574-51598 Mineral King Rd, Three Rivers, CA 93271, USA

Mineral King is a subalpine glacial valley located in the southern part of Sequoia National Park, in the U.S. state of California. The valley lies at the headwaters of the East Fork of the Kaweah River, which rises at the eastern part of the valley and flows northwest. Accessed by a long and narrow winding road, the valley is mostly popular with backpackers and hikers. Historically, the valley was inhabited by the Yokut tribe. In the 1870s, silver was discovered on the slopes of a mountain overlooking Mineral King. Mineral King Road was built in 1873 and was gradually improved throughout the early 20th century. A proposal by Walt Disney Productions to build a ski resort called "Disney's Mineral King Ski Resort" in the valley in the 1960s was stopped by preservationists. In 1978, the valley became part of Sequoia National Park.

Source: Wikipedia