Certosa di Pavia Tourist attraction in Certosa Monumento, Italy

Reference:Tango7174 / CC BY-SA 4.0
Map gps coordinates: 45.256944, 9.148056
Address: Via del Monumento, 4, 27012 Certosa di Pavia PV, Italy

On the loose for months—and a cause of great anxiety to the new Italian democracy— Benito Mussolini's body was finally "recaptured" in August 1946, hidden in a small trunk at the Certosa di Pavia, just outside Milan. Two Fransciscan brothers were subsequently charged with concealing the corpse, though it was discovered on further investigation that it had been constantly on the move. Unsure what to do, the authorities held the remains in a kind of political limbo for ten years, before agreeing to allow them to be re-interred at Predappio in Romagna, his birthplace. 

Source: Wikipedia